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Gorgeous Front Garden And Landscaping Projects Ideas 79

A narrow bed enclosed with concrete stone extends between the house wall and the walkway. Except for a box tree and a few perennials in the border area it lies fallow. High time for a comprehensive redesign of the front garden.

Friendly welcome with roses
Roses also show what they can do in small flower beds. With filled flowers, the dark pink shrub rose ‘Zaide’ sets a great accent in front of the window. At the upper edge of the bed, near the entrance area, the Crimson shrub rose ‘Falstaff’ exudes its fragrance.

In three beds, a pink-white flowering alpine forest vine climbs up on blue glazed obelisks. The small flowers look magical from April to May and during the post-flowering period in August. In a mini-bed in front of the sidewalk the White Beetrose ‘Apple Blossom’ may spread. With its overhanging growth, it fills its place well.

Perennials such as white candle (Gaura) as well as purple catnip and lavender conquer the remaining area. The pink foxglove blooming early in summer towers over the other perennials and with its pink flowers fits perfectly to the rest of the plantation. A narrow path of gravel and natural stones leads through the bed and facilitates maintenance work.

Easy-Care Front Garden Bed
If you want to design your little garden in front of the House restrained, but noble, we recommend evergreen plants and those with great white flowers.

Already in April, the white fragrant flower balls of the evergreen fragrant snowball shine. At the left end of the bed, at the beginning of May, the Azalea ‘Oxydol ‘ opens its white flowers with yellow markings. In between, the white screen show in may/June of the gloss medlar panicles. From June, the white spherical flowers of the garden hydrangea ‘Soeur Therese’ are added. Yellow-flowered lady’s mantle, which is widely distributed in the bed, forms a quiet background.

With its high summer flowering, yellow daylilies set another highlight in the new front garden. Tuffs of lamp cleaning grass rise to peak form in autumn and harmonise with the box cones in Winter, especially when a thin layer of hoarfrost covers them. With the pruning of bushes and perennials in spring, most of the care is already done.

The blue spruce is much too high for the small area in front of the house and casts a lot of shade. In addition, the small lawn underneath is hardly usable and therefore actually superfluous. The beds at the edge look barren and boring. However, the natural stone edging is worth preserving – it should be integrated into the new design concept.

Blooming Favorite Place
If a tree that has grown too big has to be removed in the front garden, this is a good Chance to redesign the area. Important: the new planting should have something to offer in every season. Instead of a conifer, the four-Meter-high ornamental apple ‘Red Sentinel’ sets the tone. It has white flowers in April / May and light red fruits in autumn.

Instead of the barren lawn, robust permanent flowers are planted: in the front part, the pink flower bed rose ‘Bella Rosa’ nestles against the border. It flowers until autumn. Lavender blooms towards the pavement and towards the entrance steppe sage ‘Mainacht’, which can be carried away to a second pile in the summer after a pruning.

You enter the small front garden now over an area of coarse grit and granite stepping stones – an ideal place to set up a bench. Behind it stretches a bed with Violet ferruginous hat as well as yellow-flowered daylily and gold Felberich. This is matched by the light purple flowers of the hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’, which bloom until autumn. Even in Winter, a view of the garden is worthwhile: then the magical red Christmas roses bloom under the ornamental Apple.

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