Hydrangea anomala subsp. ‘petiolaris’ – climbing hydrangea

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The design of the front garden was abandoned in half-finished condition. The narrow path of concrete slabs is flanked by lawns with individual shrubs. Overall, the whole thing seems quite conventional and uninspired. A less prominent location for the garbage can would also be desirable.

A courtyard garden on the doorstep
If the space in front of the house is limited, the garden must be well planned. The small front garden looks generous when – as in a courtyard – large bright tiles are laid. There is also room for a bench in the middle of planted pots.

The garbage cans fit to the left of the entrance door. For the green frame provide with brick bordered beds on both sides, which reach to the walkway and allow a narrow entrance into the front garden. Narrow-crowned rowan trees set the tone here. White hydrangeas bloom on both sides during the summer. In the right-hand Plot is also room for one of deutzia. Its delicate pink-white flowers open in June / July. The evergreen ground-cover thick-man covers the free area all year round. In May, the robust, shade-tolerant species opens its short white flower candles.

A semi-high Privet hedge on the right provides visual protection to the neighbors, up to a maximum of one-Meter-high dwarf Privet hedge bordered the garden courtyard to the left. Striking in front of the house wall is the Clematis viticella ‘kermesina’, which blooms red in summer and is planted in a pot. Next to the front door the Rose Stem ‘Heidetraum’ shines until autumn.

Large appearance on a small surface
Even without a complete redesign you can change the green antechamber. Bed form and path remain, with only a few plants the entrance area gets a new face, without looking overloaded.

Two evergreen cherry laurel stems greet the visitor on the sidewalk. Below, the White evergreen (Vinca minor ‘Alba’) covers the ground. The white flowering pipe Bush ‘Belle Etoile’ in June/July and the White Rose tall stem ‘Snow White’ fit well in the small garden. Ideal Partner for sunny places: violet lavender.

The remaining surface is covered with a water-permeable mulch fleece and filled with gravel or grit. Thus weed growth is suppressed and one can walk over the surface. Privet hedges define the limit of the input range. The garbage cans are housed in a stainless steel Box. This also fits the bed edging and balls made of stainless steel.

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